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2010 WVWS
All-Member Show

From the show organizers:

"It is a really good show.

"We, at the Cynthia Bickey Gallery, are very excited about having our first state exhibit in our new gallery.

"It has been a real journey for the few of us from WVWS that live here to put it together and even more difficult to fill work time. The Beckley Art Group, like many [organizations] around the state, are all volunteers, as is the WVWS organization. It has helped us appreciate what a lot of you go through with all of the shows you have had over the years.

"Jeannine has been so much help, and we also thank Christine Humphrey of the David L. Dickirson Fine Arts Gallery at Tamarack for judging the show.

"Hope you get to see the show . . . "

-- Lou Riffe Gates


Reception Photos

Awards List

Sharon Harms -- "Old Dog Blue"
Judge's comment - outstanding skill and use of medium. Wonderful texture and patterns, very nice use of light and expression in the dog's face.

Award of Excellence - (1)
Lou Riffe Gates - "Impression of Rainy Day in Savannah"
Judge's comment - outstanding technique, playful subjects.

Award of Excellence (2)
Pat Roberts - "The Gathering"
Outstanding use of color, composition and texture, very original and creative.

Award of Excellence (3)
Betty Neely - "Ancient Forest"
Great technique, texture, color, very original. Could look at this forever
and find new hidden subjects within the forest

Merit Award (1)
Linda J. C. Turner - "Sunlight and Shadow III"
Skilled use of medium, nice use of shadow.

Merit Award(2)
Jeanine Romano - "Mother Knows"
Great use of detail in the eyes, nice use of the medium overall.

Merit Award (3)
April Waltz - "Snow White"
So creative! Love the idea, composition, use of shadow. Very skilled in the medium.

Honorable Mention (1)
Kristen Colebank - "Peace in the Valley"
Nice composition and control of the medium,
great use of shadow in the architecture

Honorable Mention (2)
Pat Roberts - "Dolly Sods"
Nice use of color, medium, composition, and sense of movement in the trees.

Honorable Mention (3)
Linda Elmer - "Raining City"
Unique perspective and sense of movement.

Honorable Mention (4)
April Waltz - "Kettle Composition"
Very unique, nice use of pattern, clever design, very creative.

Judge's Comments on Overall Exhibit

It was difficult to judge a show of such high quality, each and every piece chosen for an award showed the highest achievement of originality, creativity, skill of medium and was presented in a very professional manner in terms of framing.

It was an honor to judge the works in this show and I am overalll impressed with the talent and oringinality of all the artists.

Thank you!

Christine Humphrey
Gallery Manager
David L. Dickirson Fine Arts Gallery at Tamarack