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Aqueous 2011

The 2011 WVWS Juried Exhibition will be June 21 - July 21 at the Chuck Mathena Center in Princeton. Juror for the show was Nancy M. Stark, NWS.

Approximately $1,500 in awards were distributed at the opening reception, including Best of Show, Awards of Excellence, Awards of Merit, and Honorable Mention.

2011 Award Winners

2011 Accepted Artists

2011 Exhibit Slideshow
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Juror’s Statement

I wish to thank the West Virginia Watercolor Society for inviting me to juror this exhibition. To select the show I spent considerable time viewing the submitted images over several days. The awards were chosen from the paintings after they were hung at the Chuck Mathena Center. Regardless of artistic style, subject matter, size, or choice of medium, good art should speak to the viewer. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the artwork and listening to the artists.

Some questions that I ask myself when I am viewing artwork are: Does it show a different approach? Does it show a fresh and exciting use of content? Does it convey a feeling? Does it have an interesting composition? Does the artwork reflect a technical mastery of the medium? Can I see the marks of the artist?

Best in Show: The Best in Show award goes to Winter Shower by Linda J.C. Turner. This artist has a technical mastery of the watercolor medium and she has creatively combined the two unlikely subjects of balloons and snow in her painting. I particularly like the strong value contrast, the contrast of soft and hard edges and the layering of colors in the shadow areas.

1st Award of Excellence: Taps by Laurie G. Warren is a very successful painting. The artist has captured the figure in strong sunlight and the resulting shapes and patterns are interesting, eye catching and playful. I like the way she has blended the subject and background along the back and shoulder of the figure.

2nd Award of Excellence: In her painting, Chrome and Painted Reflections, Debbie Sisson has successfully used line and strong value contrasts to move the viewer through the artwork. The lines are repeated but varied in shape, width, color and direction. The tightly cropped view of the subject makes an interesting composition.

3rd Award of Excellence: West Virginia Winter by Mary Anne Hodson captures the feel of a snowy day in the woods. I particularly like the use of red to move the eye through the painting, the interesting shapes within areas, the repetition of the tree shapes with variety in color and size and the painterly marks.

1st Award of Merit: Sunflower Study by Diane Mitchell is a delightful painting with watery brushstrokes. There is movement of color within shapes and a nice contrast of soft and hard edges. She also has a nice contrast of dark and light values in this painting.

2nd Award of Merit: In Kristen Colebank’s painting, Yellow Wings, shape, design and pattern are important elements. The placement of these shapes along the diagonal make an interesting and exciting composition.

3rd Award of Merit: Aloha by Sharon Harms is a nicely done painting. She has captured light and shadow well. For me the most exciting part of this painting is the fabulous handling of positive and negative shapes within the foliage in the lower left.

Honorable Mention: Katie by Rema White successfully captures a moment in time. You can feel the warmth of the sunlight on the arm and hair of the figure. The use of the window frame to lead the viewer into the painting is well done.

Honorable Mention: Mystic Intersection by Rita Montrosse has an interesting layering of colors and shapes throughout the painting. The use of color (red) to direct the viewer and the concentration of smaller shapes and gold help define the center of interest.

Honorable Mention: Wharf Town by F. Dennis Clark very successfully uses line and repetition of shape to move the viewer through the artwork. I can almost see the artist’s brush dance across the paper. The addition of carefully placed darks adds interest.

Honorable Mention: Secluded by Betty Neely has interesting texture and is nicely done with a limited palatte.

The experience of viewing artwork gives us a glimpse of the artist, offers us a view of their world and enriches our lives. This show, if juried by another artist, would undoubtedly yield different accepted paintings and prize-winners. Don’t we always wonder why a jurist picked certain works of art? Each juror brings to his/her task a personal bias which surely influences his/her decisions. I invite you to view this show, listen to the artist, experience your reaction, and choose your favorites.

-- Nancy M. Stark, June 2011

Nancy is a signature member of the National, San Diego, Southern, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Baltimore Watercolor Societies. She is a graduate of Lafayette College, Easton, PA and the University of Virginia. She has received numerous awards including Best in Show at the Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Exhibit. Nancy has also been featured in Watercolor Artist and Watercolor Magazine. Nancy exhibits at Signature 9 Gallery in Roanoke. You can visit her website at: www.nancystarkart.com