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WVWS Video Library

The following is a list of videos available in our library. The collection includes those purchased by WVWS and those donated by individual members. The quality of the videos vary, however, all are viewable and very worthwhile.

Use of videos is free. Your responsibility is postage for shipping (both to and from the library). Check the postage on the box or mailer and include that amount with the video when you return it. You may keep a video for three (3) weeks. If you teach, many of our videos would make good classroom visual aids, especially the Art Skills and Art Is series.

Contact: WVWS Video Librarian, 167 Evening Shade Lane, Rock, WV 24747
E-mail: rdfranklin[-at-]citlink.net

Video available for children:
Linnea in Monet’s Garden (30 mins. Best animated film in 1993 at England’s Children’s Film Festival.

Emile de Antonio
Painters Painting – The New York Scene, 1940-1970

Marshall Arisman
The Value of Light

Carole Barnes
21 Winning Paintings
Critiques by Juror
OWS, 1991

Miles Batt
Color Theory
Both WVWS Workshops, 1995

Gerald F. Brommer
Collage Methods
Creating Abstract Art
Elements of Design
Principles of Design
Watercolor and Collage
Creating Nonobjective Paintings

Helen Carkin
Batik as Fine Art

Guy Corriero
New Techniques in Watercolor Painting with Pastels

Tony Couch
Drawing: Learning Professional Techniques
Watercolor Symbols; Rocks, Puddles, and Weeds
Watercolor Symbols, Trees and Water
Winter’s Soft Mantle Painting
Barns in Watercolor

James Kirk
The Elements of Design
The Magic of Light and Dark

Jan Kuntz
Getting Started Right
Painting Roses in Crystal

G.S. Lamhadle
Value Relationship and Texture in Figure Painting

Skip Lawrence
Understanding Watercolor thru Pattern and Design with Demonstration of Permaquid Point Light, Main

Jake Lee
Wonderful World of Watercolor Series
#29 – Still Life with Fruit
#30 – Still Life with Flowers
#41 & #42 Experimental Techniques of Watercolor Series

Tom Lynch
Demos (one tape) of painting a sailboat and a landscape in Vermont

Uni Marchenko
Commissioned Portraits, Formal and informal. Size of the Portrait
Personality of the Portrait and Ways to Achieve a Likeness (one tape)

Stephen Quiller
Color Concepts
Experimental Water Media
Water Media Techniques – Acrylics and Casein

Ron Ranson
Watercolor Pure and Simple

Charles Reid
The Figure in Watercolor
Flowers in Watercolor
Painting the Figure

Hal Reed
Color #1/#2, Color Theory and Color Wheel
Color #3/#4, Mixing and Matching Color and Color Analysis
Anatomy #1/#2, Skull and Facial Features\
Anatomy #3/#4, Neck and Shoulders
Anatomy #21/#22, Eyes and Nose
Anatomy #23/#24, Mouth and Ears
Anatomy #25/#26, Aging Characteristics (Masc and Fem)
Anatomy #27/#28, Racial Characteristics and Facial Expressions
Art Video, Giving a Painting Depth
Perspective #1/#2, Design, Scale, Balance, Negative and Positive Shapes
Perspective #3/#4, Two Point, Indoors and Outside
Perspective #5/#6, Three Point, Measuring Methods
Perspective #17/#18, Water and Mirror Reflections
Perspective #19/#20, Light and Shade, Cylinder Spheres
Elements of Art #11/#12, Basic Calligraphy, Cursive, Old English, Script
Wonderful World of Watercolor #41/#42, Experimental Techniques

Irving Shapiro
An American Countryside

Lowel E. Smith
WVWS Workshop Demos

Ben Stahl
Journey into Art
Watercolor Landscape – Making a Monotype

Al Stine
Painting a Shrimp Boat

Douglas Walton
Beginning the Odyssey – Watercolor Encounter

Frank Webb
Contemporary Watercolor Master

The Museum of Vienna
The Prado
The Vatican
The Louvre