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Andrea Burke

My first successful art endeavor was Tole Painting.  I created lots of cute stuff on wood -- even had a band saw and a router to speed up the process! It was fun, but after 10 years I was ready for something more challenging for my creativity.

I began painting with a watercolor class in 2000 at the San Diego Art Museum.  My first watercolor teacher taught by guiding his students.  No matter what I did, he found something good in it and encouraged me to keep learning!

We moved from San Diego to  Martinsburg in 2003. As an artist, I fell in love with all the historic buildings in our area -- painted many of them, and donated the artwork to raise funds for many local non-profit organizations. 

I retired in 2011 and am now enjoying dedicating my time to artwork and being a serious artist! 

Martinsburg, WV