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Debbie Kalt Sisson

BIOGRAPHY: After graduating from Parkersburg South High School and Marshall University, I began my teaching career in 1978. I taught at Spencer Junior High, South Point Junior High, Ripley Middle, and began at Ripley High School in January, 2000.

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The importance of family is a high priority for me. I am married to Steve Sisson, a self-employed draftsman, formerly of St. Albans and I am the mother of two. Jay is a Social Studies teacher at Pt. Pleasant High School. His wife, Elizabeth, is a Spanish teacher at Huntington High and my daughter Stephanie is a student at Marshall University studying to be a teacher as well.

I continue to be involved in my community, school and church having donated art work to each. I find the quiet lifestyle afforded to living in a rural area to be inspirational to my work. Teaching provides the incentive to continue working in art though time is as always an issue.

In October, 2014, I had the honor of being selected to produce a 5’ acrylic painting commemorating a visit by Henry “The Fonz” Winkler to Jackson County which was in turn donated to the Community Foundation.


ARTIST'S STATEMENT: Since college, I have been visually inspired by angles, patterns, and shadows found in architecture. While attending Marshall University, my eyes were always on the large, old homes of Huntington. Their size, repetitive patterns, and long shadows always captured my attention. I found the transition from hard, crisp edges to soft flowing lines to be fascinating. I continue to enjoy the shallow linear perspective achieved through close up views. Add pattern, repetition, value, and contrast to the mix and my attention is held.

After the loss of several family members, I began including their images in many pieces. I also began solitary walks, finding images in nature to incorporate in my work.
As my work continues to grow and change, I look forward to the future.

Born to Be Wild

Dolly Sods Bloom

Delicate Flora

Too Tired to Dance

Ripley, WV