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2017-18 WVWS Officers


President, Martha Reynolds
Vice President, Debbie Lester
Recording Sec'y, Janet Hart
Corresponding Sec'y, Jane C. Michael
Treasurer, Linda Elmer
Regional Directors
Region I, Lou Gates
Region II. Patricia Roberts
Region III, Joy Cooper
Region IV, Katy Crim
Region V, Janet Hart
Region-at-Large, Robert W. Smith

Exhibits: Kristie Napoli
Membership: Jeannine Romano
Video Librarian: Doncia Franklin
Workshops: Judy Mattson Reed
Videographer: Linda Elmer

Newsletter Editor: Kristen Colebank
Publicity: Linda J.C. Turner
Webmaster: Kristen Colebank
Archival Librarian: Doncia Franklin
Jury: Christine Rhodes


Stay in Touch

The WVWS Newsletter and our Web site will help us stay in touch with the world.

Our online home, www.wvwatercolorsociety.org, will be as any site on the Internet. Anyone looking for information about WVWS and our membership will be able to find us here. Your works can be displayed anywhere in the world through this access!

Show your work! Let us know if you have an exhibit coming up, so we can share the news.

If you already have a Web site, We can link to it. Just e-mail your Web address. Or send pictures and text and we'll design a gallery for you. Galleries are limited to nine images.

RULE #1: Send pictures in .jpg format ready to publish.

RULE #2: Send ready-to-use text in Word (.doc) or .txt format or by e-mail. No handwritten notes or clippings! Send it looking as you want it to look online! Do your part by sending files that are ready to publish.

For information about posting information to the Web site, contact the WVWS Webmaster at wvwatercolor[-at-]gmail.com.

Video Library

Use of video is free. Postage for video sent to you and its return is the responsibility of the user. Video may be checked out for three (3) weeks.

Requests for videos may be sent to:
WVWS Video Library
167 Evening Shade Lane
Rock, WV 24747
e-mail: rdfranklin[-at-]citlink.net

The list of available videos can be found here.