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2017 WVWS Jury Status Application

WVWS Associate and Juried members are invited to apply for either Juried or Signature status in the society. The application, including instructions, is available for download through the link below, or a request can be made to Chairwoman Christine Rhodes for a mailed copy. Contact Christine at christinerhodes56@msn.com with questions about the application procedure.

Deadline for jury submission is Aug. 15

2017 Jury for Status Application

Here's a refresher on some of the different levels of membership available in the West Virginia Watercolor Society.

The West Virginia Watercolor Society has three classifications of membership (in addition to Charter, Honorary, and Patron Membership).

Associate Members: All individuals wishing to be associated with the West Virginia Watercolor Society who have applied for Associate Membership and been accepted into the Society through payment of dues.

Juried Members: Members who have been granted the privilege of Juried Status by the Society’s Membership. To earn Juried Membership status, an Associate Member must submit six painting images for review by the Jury. Candidates selected for Juried Membership consideration may be requested to submit three or more original works for final admission judging. Juried Membership status becomes official upon notification of acceptance by the Jury.

Signature Members: Juried Members who have been granted the privilege of using the West Virginia Watercolor Society initials (WVWS) in conjunction with their signatures by the Jury. To earn Signature status, a candidate must have work accepted in two juried WVWS shows in a six-year period, and submit four additional paintings images (other than images of paintings that have been exhibited in past WVWS exhibits), for review by the Membership Status Jury. Signature Membership status and use of the signature privilege becomes official upon notification of acceptance by the Jury. Signature Status may also be granted to any watercolor artist who is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society, or whose work has been accepted in any AWS, NWS, or Watercolor USA exhibit.